[LMB] OT: Funny Mining (was If only the Cetagandans had operated like this)

Elizabeth McCoy arcangel at io.com
Mon Jan 24 20:45:07 GMT 2011

Raye Johnsen writes
> --- On Sun, 1/23/11, Walter Bushell <proto at panix.com> wrote:
>> I am trying to imagine "Victorian cola mining".
> ::Looks slit-eyed at Walter:: It is obviously a typo for 'coal', unless
> you're trying to be *funny*. 

Or if you're playing World of Warcraft -- Kaja'Cola is the WoW Goblin
product that's made from Kajamite, which is... mined!

(Playing a WoW Goblin is like playing a ferengi, only with more clothing.)


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