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Yeah, you hear more and more brief comments from all sorts of talking heads
and news interviewees; it's very close to breaking out into full public


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Further, I would welcome the end of the War on Drugs, which in my opinion is
warping everything from International Politics (burning cash crops, anyone?)
to family dynamics.  There is nothing legalizing and regulating and taxing
drugs can do that would be anything like as harmful as the present War on
Drugs.  Only legalization will remove the high prices of a
prohibited-but-desired product, which drives so much crime and tragedy both
at home and abroad (Mexico, frex).  There are probably estimates out there
of how much diminution of prison population, security, legal, and other
public costs there would be; simply by legalization and taxation,
governments everywhere could pay for regulation and possibly even balance
budgets on all other fronts.  THIS is the answer to the financial crisis,
right in front of our faces.  No need to extort higher taxes on all else,
just give an eager public the chance to pay taxes on something they want.

Did Prohibition of alcohol do any good?  None I ever heard of, except - and
this is important - it proved that Prohibition DOES NOT WORK.  Somebody had
to try it, and the USA was stupid enough to do so.  Now, we're stupid enough
to do the same with drugs.  Sheesh!



interestingly, on Bill Mahar the other night, the panel (two repub, one
demo) all agreed that legalization was the only way to go.

gives me *some* hope

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