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> On Jan 24, 2011, at 7:27 PM, mtraber251 wrote:
>> The problem with weed is that it is the forbidden fruit syndrome. I tried 
>> and enjoyed weed, however it gave me the same results as alcohol. I 
>> valued keeping a security clearance, so I did not touch weed until 
>> Amsterdam last summer. Weed has this wonderful forbiddenness so people 
>> use it recreationally when alcohol tends to do the exact same thing. 
>> Alcohol is unfortunately legal, no forbidden fruit. What weed does have 
>> is certain medicinal effects that can help a lot of different issues. It 
>> was in the common pharmacographia until they decided to demonize it for 
>> around 100 different medical issues. On it, I could give up the imitrex, 
>> and its side effects, and indocin and its charming side effects, the 
>> omeprazole I take to control the side effect from indocin, and I could 
>> ditch half my blood pressure meds, and all their assorted side effects, 
>> and probably control my insomnia that I can't medicate for because all 
>> the drugs I could take I cant take because of the other meds I am!
>  on.

Big Pharma doesn't make money on inexpensive grow-it-yourself medications. 
But ironically Trader Joe's will happily sell you hemp-seed-based beverages, 
from hemp presumbly grown in Canada.  And USS Constitution's original sales 
were made of hemp.  And craft stores sell cord and cloth made from hemp...

Perhaps the hemp beverage from Trader Joe's would work for you.

> It may be.    But alcohol is still a bigger problem, and will likely stay 
> number 1, even if all recreational drugs are legalized.   But prohibition 
> has proven to be worse.
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