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On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 12:07:02AM -0800, Tel wrote:

> More to the point, feudal rights and obligations are historically
> frequently disrespected on both sides, and when they are disrespected
> very little nonviolent recourse is available. Feudalism doesn't
> prevent civil war, it's correlated very strongly with constant
> violence.
> When you get down to it, the -mob- is pretty feudal...

{Having spent a good chunk of my college career studying the years
between the fall of Rome and the coronation of Charlemagne, I came to
realize that anarchy lasts until some big guy tells some little guy "Do
what I say or I'll kill you," at which point you have a pre-feudal
warlord system. Interestingly, the words in 5th and 6th century
chronicles that are usually translated as "lord" and "vassal" are
"magnus" and "pueri"... "big man" and "boys".

Try reading Liber Historiae Francorum that way. "The Big Man and his
boys came into town today. They wanted Odo the Smith to shoe their
horses but the Big Man said he did not want to pay him. Odo refused so
the Big Man had his boys beat Odo until he bled."}

(I'm using {} as alternate quotation characters, for nesting.)

-xx- Damien X-) 

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