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> On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 06:04:16AM -0800, Judy R. Johnson wrote:
> > Now we have Gregor.  Supreme, secure, serene.  From his position of
> power,
> > it seems - oh, the anticipation! - that he may give away a good deal of
> it,
> > justifying the process as a well-planned transition to a form of
> government
> > that is more stable through being more broad-based, creating a pact with
> the
> > general population, including Kommar's, offering hope and security.
> > Sustainable government, with constitutional provisions for unsuitable
> > hereditary rulers and security for suitable ones.  Every indication is
> that
> > he plans to do just that.  Don't jiggle his elbow.
> What indications are there that Gregor plans to do that?
> -xx- Damien X-)
What indications do we have that he doesn't plan to do that?  I submit in
the absence of something that shows he is not planning to do something, the
burden to prove that his intentions are to not do something fall upon the
people who claim he is not going to do something.  You are making the claim,
you must therefore prove your case.  You are asserting the negative
implication, so prove the negative.  Me, as an optimist, I prefer to believe
he is making changes as possible, just quietly. It is only a cynic that
believes that someone is trying to not improve something without proof of
such actions.

Keith Wells

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