[LMB] Nexus population

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Wed Jan 26 04:43:27 GMT 2011

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 7:48 PM, Damien Sullivan
<phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu> wrote:

> But if the ghem produce their own servants, which textev says they do,
> it seems only logical that they'd try to produce good servants.  And if
> we guess at a synthetic origin for much of the population (or the
> ancestors of much of the population), well...

Some of them do. If it was a society-wide, industrial-scale practice,
I don't think Miles would've had to ask.

I don't feel the Cetas are quite that alien. They seem in many ways a
lot like the Barrayarans, really.

(and drugging servitors with oxytocin wouldn't necessarily be a great
idea if you're treating them like underpeople...

> But honestly, no idea how much mass migration happens anywhere, vs.
> growth by population growth.  Yeah, people are going to Sergyar, but how
> many?  Conversely, there are rather easy ways of preventing emigration
> through wormholes.

I just feel that Barrayar's population has to be pretty large in
absolute Nexus terms.


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