[LMB] OT: legalization

kerry weisselberg kerilli at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 21:49:07 GMT 2011

Ed Burkhead wrote:

I'm mostly concerned about profit motivated drug pushers finding a way
to "infect" my daughter.  I don't really fear her adoption of drugs on
their own merits - we've infected her with a love of life (and books)
and a disdain of anything that messes up the intellect.  But pushers can
be sneaky and effective.

I'm not a parent, but I can't help thinking that the following story (which
I believe to be true, but I might be being gullible I guess) is incredibly
off-putting, and gives some inkling into what 'addiction' really can do:

(warning, seriously gross)

some friends of mine were rather keen on drugs years ago, and told me this:
that in a women's prison that 1 of them had some experience of (for some
reason), when a new inmate came in who still had drugs in her system, the
long-term inmates were so desperate for a 'fix' that they would fight over
who got to eat her vomit as she started getting withdrawal symptoms etc. i'm
not sure which specific drug they were craving - heroin or perhaps cocaine,
i guess.

the thought of being desperate enough for a 'hit' to actually want to eat
someone else's vomit? cripes, words absolutely fail me. i think that story
hit home more than anything else i've ever heard about drugs.


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