[LMB] OT: Art online protocols (was Re: linky, on-topic methinks)

Royce McDaniels roycemcdaniels158 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 02:07:15 GMT 2011

okay now that is very important information! I wonder if the poster who put
up the vorkosigan portraits I just put on picasa essentially snitched them?
I hope not. I've emailed the artist to ask for permission to show them
(linked to the deviantart site) but haven't heard back yet.

also, what are the permissions issues with the fan art at dendarii.com?

IP-confused royce
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> [snip]
> Important point about DeviantArt vs. Facebook: DeviantArt has a disclaimer
> up on each page stating all artworks there remain the property of the
> creator etc and (this is an important bit) giving a link that will allow the
> viewer to go to a secure purchasing section of the site that will allow the
> viewer to buy prints (or the originals) of the work.  Facebook, on the other
> hand, is the next best thing to public domain.  Any picture that goes
> up there can be easily copied (MUCH easier than on DeviantArt), and Facebook
> doesn't have that automatic 'go here to buy it' facility (there can be one
> but it has to be shoehorned in and it doesn't work well at all).
> So I'd say the artists who left DeviantArt wanted to sell their art rather
> than share it for free with the world, which I think is fair enough.  Most
> art galleries do have price tags on the paintings.

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