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> Miles himself observes that
> Gregor, left to his own devices, might be happier installing lights 
> than being Emperor.

EH:  So Miles thinks. I'm not sure Miles is right.  Often I think he's
projecting his own feelings in Gregor; I absolutely believe Miles would be
happier as a light-installer than as Emperor.  So would Aral be - though I'm
not sure how long Aral (or Miles either) would remain a light-installer.

But Gregor?  He's a different kettle of fish, and I think he's grown into a
certain comfort and confidence in the position he holds.  That's the
impression I got in ACC - a capable ruler with a style all his own, and no
longer the distressed and desperate runaway we met in "The Vor Game".  He's
matured and progressed.


Maybe, but I suspect that's not high on his list of fears, if he fears it at
all.  For one thing,I am far from convinced that Gregor wants to dismantle
the Imperium, or leave the job to others. I remain open to textev and
reasoned argument on the matter.

NEW from JRJ> Yeah, that's what my researches are showing, that Gregor's
found his self-confidence. 

I've never thought that he wanted to dismantle the Imperium, but remember
that Cordelia wants a constitution and almost certainly influenced him.  I
think everybody might be ever so much more secure if it were a
constitutional Imperium, where it could not be taken over by a coup (which
is easy if the locus of power is very small) or infiltrated or perhaps
overthrown for good reason by an outraged population because the current
person turned tyrannical.  By being broadly based, authorized by the people,
it could survive poor royalty and make use of competent royalty.

The devil is in the details, of course.

Entwife Judy
Who doubts if the status quo is ever well enough to be let alone

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