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> Charlize Theron is too tall for Cavillo - I see her as Drou, or one of the
> Koudelka
> girls. Delia maybe?

{{{ height issues no longer matter cinematically, as LOTR proved. we can
shrink her down as needed. And the height issue may not be central to the
character; the rabid mongoose on creme de meth attitude is, and Charlize
seems to me to have that down pat. YMMV of course. }}}

Katherine Heigl - I really like her, but she's way too skinny for anyone on
> the cast
> list... except maybe Pel? She could be a LOVELY haut Pel....
> {{{ same thing for plumpness issues. Combine proper padding in the costume
with a little CGI tweaking and we're there.}}}

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