[LMB] OT: Sharing and linkting to artwork (was: linky, on-topic methinks)

Anke Wehner anke.wehner at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 06:41:26 GMT 2011

Anke Wehner wrote:
> There were people who left Deviantart when the site added "share this
> on Facebook" buttons that would post a _thumbnail link_ to their art
> on Facebook, because they did not want their work "spread" to other
> sites like that. (I don't get that attitude, either, but there you go.)


> If I can see it, I can make it.
> I could make those earrings, very easily. I could even cast them
> in bronze.
> I could repousse them in gold.

Yes, but people who don't want their photography or drawings seen
online for fear of copies should not upload them to an art site that
has millions of users but no "show only to my friends" option. :)

One argument was on the lines of "I don't want random people to use MY
work as content for THEIR blogs", which, considering we're not talking
about wholesale reposting but *thumbnail links* just strikes me as...
well, "I'm so good I have nothing to gain from 'fans' who want their
friends to see my work."


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