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Thu Jan 27 11:21:27 GMT 2011

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On Jan 26, 2011, at 6:47 PM, Gwynne Powell wrote:

> John Barrowman is SERIOUS eye candy, but... again... like Nathan
> Fillion he's just too HIM. And he's too obviously smart, we need an
> Ivan that can look gormless until his inner magnificence is revealed.

I checked IMDB to make sure I was unfamiliar with both of these actors (I am).    But I will reiterate that William Holden did quite well in the movie _Sabrina_ at being the playboy sibling who is able to take over when Bogart moved on to Audrey Hepburn.

It's not *that* hard to play a clueless playboy - especially when the character welcomes that role.   The hard part is making sure that we can accept him when he breaks out of that role.

ummm... I don't *want* to see dead people?

Bruce Willis as Metzov?


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