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> Date: 27 January 2011 01:48
> I believe it was in regard to the South Continent and in either Memory
> ACC. What I don't remember was whether it was Counts who were coming up
with the proposals or others.

> CRS royce (who is thinking about the baen CD, but it doesn't have

Pony up, someone has to pay for food for Lois' cats.

[Memory ch 9 ]

{Alys} "  ...   your meeting with Count Vortala and Minister Vann is only
twenty minutes from now."
Miles tried to change the subject. "So what's up at your meeting with
Vortala and Vann?" 
"Oh, the usual. Their Imperial Lands Distribution committee wants favors
for friends. I want their friends to present proof of competent usage
"Ah." All South Continent matters, of no direct interest to the
Vorkosigan's District. 

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