[LMB] OT: Bioscience Linkfest Posting From Royce

Royce McDaniels roycemcdaniels158 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 19:02:10 GMT 2011

hello everyone! This is my linky post for today, and it is a bit complex so
I'll have to explain a smidge:

first, here are the three linkys, all to aggregation posts at TWS:

Nanobiology linkys TWS post:
http://www.roycemcdaniels158.com/thewalrussays/?p=272 (3 stories)

Medicine News linkys TWS post:
http://www.roycemcdaniels158.com/thewalrussays/?p=278 (3 stories)

Bioscience News linkys TWS post:
http://www.roycemcdaniels158.com/thewalrussays/?p=282 (6 stories)

There were a total of 12 stories I wanted to cover, so I split them into
these three sub-categories. Here are the precis for each category:

Nanobiolgy News: These stories include coverage of a fascinating
breakthrough to make T-Cells immune to the AIDS virus without getting sick
first, details on hollywood movie technology used to educate students in
molecular cellular biology, and successful growth of liver cells in vitro at
a level good enough to help patients waiting for a liver transplant.

Medical News: These stories include coverage of progress in effective
vaccines against TB, plague and other such nasties, details on Mobile Body
Area Networks for internet-using wireless medical implants, and the
heartwarming story of a lady who has received the second successful larynx
transplant and regained her speech.

Bioscience News: These stories include coverage of realtime visualization of
neuron firing, details on bacteria-farming amoebas, information on the most
extreme form of life yet found on Earth, suggestions on three other life
forms to clone besides woolly mammoths (hint: the GEICO caveman commercials
might come true!), coverage of plants which turn white around explosives and
are being trained to lurk in airports, and a startling story about a Boston
biotech firm which claims to have solved the petroleum energy shortage,

So check out what interests you, and enjoy! I'll try to put one of these up
every day while I'm doing heavy programming.

omelet-noshing royce

ps Sorry for the non-precis linky posts a couple of days ago. had a day in
medical purgatory due to a false test result which has now (thankfully) been
corrected. Shouldn't happen again.
Visit my blog at http://www.roycemcdaniels158.com/thewalrussays/

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