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A clue! A clue!

Aha. The Firsters weren't noble pioneers. They were the hardest-core gangsters of the period. And the wormhole didn't collapse without cause: said government sent in a convict pilot of the -- how did Wikipedia spell it? Anyway, the 'rat-fink' class on the promise that he would die with honor. 

Hence the medieval level tech sent with them: it was always planned that they'd end up a brutally feudal society that would never again trouble the peaceful Nexus.

And then the government sealed the records and burned them and everyone involved submitted to mindwipe, partly because of their extreme liberal guilt over what they'd felt they had to do in the interests of the Good Society.

I actually know of one government in the NExus which goes that far back, is ruthless enough in the cause of the common good, andyet of such delicate sensibilities individually that they'd welcome mindwipe. 

And there were some who escaped the dragnet,who fled before they could be deported. To, of course, Jackson's Whole. 


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> > Hmm. Interesting pictures; I think she captures Ezar and Serg particularly
> > well - recognizably related, but with the one hard and the other a little
> > dissipated. Ky Tung should be a little stockier, I think, and I picture him
> > with slightly darker hair. Elli... no. That's beautiful, but not stunningly
> > so. Not thrilled with Ivan, but Alys is quite good.
> >
> > (Purely as an aside, I notice that she uses the Cyrillic "F" in
> > transliterating "Vor". Is this standard, in the Russian fan community?)
> It's standard in the official and unofficial Russian translations, to
> avoid, mmm, strong negative associations
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thief_in_law). They're aware of how it's
> spelled in English, of course.
> -Tel
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