[LMB] More Casting Ideas

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 28 02:21:13 GMT 2011

Phyll Griffiths wrote
> How about Dame Maggie Smith as Lady Alys?
> ?
> Phyll.?

Oh yes!  Perfect!

Another thought about casting.  I think the actors have to be good with
accents.  The Barrayarans can't speak with American accents - they have to
be some sort of European version of English (not necessarily British
English, probably a Russian-accented British English.  Given part of the
original population was British and that's who they learned their English
from, it stands to reason.  One reason I'm firm about that (at least in my
own mind!) is that when Miles is switching between Admiral Naismith and Lord
Vorkosigan there has to be a change of accent too.  We know Beta is American
colonized, so Naismith has an American accent (as does Cordelia) but Lord
Vorkosigan has a Barrayaran (Russian-English) accent.

These days actors are getting pretty good at achieving authentic accents.
Hugh Laurie's accent in House sounds pretty flawless to me, and Renee
Zellweger did a lovely British accent in Bridget Jones, as did James
Marsters in Buffy, and various others.  But some people are better than it
than others, and when it's done badly it's irritating and distracting.  Much
better than in the old days, when Hollywood's ideas of 'English' accents
basically embraced 'Upper Class Plummy' or 'Mockney' - it was enough to make
a cat laugh.


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