[LMB] OT: Egypt Is Getting Worse

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 28 08:22:44 GMT 2011

> From: Royce McDaniels roycemcdaniels158 at gmail.com

> oh crud. a friend just called jill over a phone line to have her put up a
> tweet for him; he reports riot police are setting cars on fire to protect
> them from mobs of protesters who are starting to try to kill the police
> after the killing of a protester was televised internationally. word has
> gone out to mobilize the military to put down the uprising but senior army
> commanders are meeting and not yet willing to commit troops because as one
> put it "they might shoot us instead!"
> oh lord... will keep hoping for egyptian listees..

This is sounding bad, and getting worse all the time. All power and respect to
the army commanders for trying not to make a bad situation worse.

It must be terrifying to be in the middle of that kind of unrest, things move and 
change so fast.

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