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> On Jan 27, 2011, at 7:21 PM, Carol Cooper wrote:
> > Another thought about casting. I think the actors have to be good with
> > accents. The Barrayarans can't speak with American accents - they have to
> > be some sort of European version of English (not necessarily British
> > English, probably a Russian-accented British English. Given part of the
> > original population was British and that's who they learned their English
> > from, it stands to reason. One reason I'm firm about that (at least in my
> > own mind!) is that when Miles is switching between Admiral Naismith and Lord
> > Vorkosigan there has to be a change of accent too. We know Beta is American
> > colonized, so Naismith has an American accent (as does Cordelia) but Lord
> > Vorkosigan has a Barrayaran (Russian-English) accent.
You're right, there needs to be a contrast between the 'guttural' russian-influenced
Barrayaran accent and the higher, faster, more nasal Betan one. With the European
background of the Barrayaran settlers, the accent would have to be something along
those lines. We know that descendents from each group guard their language and
keep it alive, so there could be a mix with some characters more russian, some more
british, and some strong french and greek accents as well. It would give depth and 
> They have to not have a recognizable accent as much as possible. The Cary Grant "mid-Atlantic" accent can work. Certainly we don't want the servants to have lower class British accents with the upper class having upper class British accents. In the absence of an agreed upon new accent, Hollywood American is the closest we have to neutral at this time.
I don't know why they can't have a recognizable accent - we have textev about the
very recognizable Barrayaran accent. The Betan accent has to be American, and a
contrast to Barrayaran. 
Not sure about Cetagandan. That could be Hollywood-Am, probably. Ditto Komarr.
Escobar is spanish-influenced. Jackson's Whole - anything and everything.

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