[LMB] Political discussion

Anke Wehner anke.wehner at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 15:57:59 GMT 2011

On 28 January 2011 16:24, Timothy Collett <tcollett at topazgryphon.org> wrote:
> Given the personalities involved, if something happened that were to cause protests [on Komarr] on that scale, it would have to be without Gregor's consent.  As such, I think his first reaction would be to order the immediate arrest of whoever was responsible, and possibly (again, depending on what exactly *happened*) his public execution, broadcast in the clear to Komarr so they know that whatever it was he did is not to be tolerated.

... For some odd reason now I'm picturing him sending the Komorrand
the head of the person in question on a pike. Or something like that.



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