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Right.  And my conspiracy faux-paranoia has some backup; somebody sent me
this url:

http://www.erowid.org/plants/cannabis/cannabis_culture11.shtml  - Hearst,
Mellon and DuPont - Big Business - all had financial interests that would
face competition from hemp.  Makes sense to me, but I'm not able to validate
the url.  Judge for yourself.

Entwife Judy

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On 1/28/2011 9:41 AM, Judy R. Johnson wrote:
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> NEW from JRJ>  Coupla decades ago I worked for a world-class 
> statistician, who recently retired from Harvard.  I emailed him about 
> statistics in a book I found suspicious, and he replied that the most 
> common mistake is to confuse "associative" with "causative."  That's 
> more or less what Marilyn said, above, but thought it would be useful 
> to offer the terminology he used.
> Since Gwynne's post, I read Wikipedia on this, and it's so cautious as 
> to be ludicrous.
> My personal bias is to believe in widespread demonizing bias.  So very 
> tired of being hectored and harassed and lied to by control freaks 
> grasping for affirmation of power by imposing their will on others; 
> can't they do something useful instead?  How about building human 
> freedom instead of constricting it?  Vibes from people-uppers might be 
> better than from people-downers; try it, you might like it.
I are not into maths or statistics =) Not being trained I don't have the

Just taking facts from known history into account you can see the demonizing
in action.

*Cannabis was in the US Pharmacographia as the primary medicament for over
100 conditions, and was the primary non opioid painkiller available.

*Deaths and health issues from side effects/allergies associated with
cannabis are almost nil, as compared to aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofin,
naproxin and heavier painkillers. Allergies relate to the normal plant
protein type issues.

*The main users of weed as recreational were blacks, hispanics and low class
whites. The white hierarchy of the day had a vested interest in controlling
any recreational use of any mind altering substances, including alcohol.

*Big business sells substances that were not being sold because people could
grow weed.
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