[LMB] More Casting Ideas

The MaD HaCkER MadHacker14 at comcast.net
Sat Jan 29 08:42:16 GMT 2011

Was off line and missed the start of this thread; But is there a movie 
in the works?

On 29/01/2011 02:52, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> Ok, I need help.
> Yes, I know, easy line. And I obviously need help in so many ways (what IS
> that odd tapping noise in my ceiling? Any ideas? I know it's not the snake, but
> that still leaves a lot of possibilities...)
> But in this case the help I need is specific.
> You might have noticed there's been a few mentions of casting ideas. Well, I
> have this great cast list. With pix of each person.  And it's really, really good
> (or, at least, kind of interesting) and having done that much work I want to
> share it. (OCD? Actually it's CDO, that's OCD but with all the letters in the
> correct order.)
> I have a Word document. With pictures inserted. So... how do I share it? I'd
> love to inflict it on you all.
> Any ideas?
> Gwynne 		 	   		
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