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Sun Jan 30 00:50:02 GMT 2011

> From: Kerilli kerilli at gmail.com

> David McMillan wrote:
> "A society under the stresses that Barrayar's is under can easily 
> oscillate out of control one way or the other -- Aral stands in the 
> middle, playing
> fulcrum, less interested in driving the pendulum than in keeping the
> oscillations from catastrophic positive feedback... and all the while,
> he's redirecting the ocean so that the tide will slowly, gradually erode
> the ground out from under his opponents' feet. Those opponents are
> going to be fighting Aral long after he's dead, and most will probably
> never even know it."
> Rest of excellent post snipped.

> Me:
> Thankyou for that, very insightful. I really enjoyed it.
> Kerry

Ditto, it was excellent, and fitted in so perfectly with the characters we
see in the books.


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