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Mitch Miller mitchmiller at entertainmenttax.com
Sun Jan 30 05:57:45 GMT 2011

From: Tel teldreaming at gmail.com

>I'm not saying the Cetas don't practice slavery, because they do in an
>elite, specialized way with the ba. But assuming the Barrayarans were
>intended to be mass-enslaved is going a bit far. The Cetas controlled
>Barrayar for twenty years, and so far as we know zero off-planet human
>shipment occurred in that very long period of time. It's the sort of
>thing that would have been mentioned.

>> Komarr fared way ?better under Barrayar than anything they had planned for
> >their Barrayaran victims. Complete on-planet rights, their own local government
> >systems still in place, and the right to lobby and complain for more federal
> >funding without fear of reprisals.

>Uhhh... this is excessively rosy in a lot of ways.

>Can they vote ImpSec off the planet? Can they vote Barrayar off the
>planet? Can they control their own natural resources?
>Well, no.

>Is advocating these things in a way oppositional to the regime viewed
>as legitimate? Is it safe to do so?

>Probably not, I'd bet.

>Does this have huge free speech-restricting consequences: abso-frigging-lutely.


How is it that in your pro-democracy "To the Barricades!" screeds, you usually manage to get a good
word, or at least a praise with faint damns, to the Cetagandans.

I bow to no one in being a democrat, but as between a lunatic, murderous, racist, class-bound,
aggressively expanding Cetagandan empire modelled on Imperial Japan, and the relatively benign, psuedo-
feudalistic, relatively high social mobility Barryarans, I'd take Barrayar every time.

Mitch Miller 

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