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On Sat, Jan 29, 2011 at 8:07 PM, Tel <teldreaming at gmail.com> wrote:

> Uhhh... this is excessively rosy in a lot of ways.
> Can they vote ImpSec off the planet? Can they vote Barrayar off the
> planet? Can they control their own natural resources?
> Well, no.

Neither can most, if not all, of the states in the United States with
regard to the federal government and it's various controls and
interferences. Justification would enter into US Poly-ticks. Think
mineral rights and permits, the FBI, the whole bloody bureaucracy,
putting entire regions off limits for certain activities through the
Monuments & Antiquities thing with a stroke of a pen....

> Is advocating these things in a way oppositional to the regime viewed
> as legitimate? Is it safe to do so?
> Probably not, I'd bet.

By the time of Komarr the book, as long as you did so in a non-violent
way, it was probably fairly safe.  Think of Tuomen's mother-in-law and
her jokes.

> Does this have huge free speech-restricting consequences: abso-frigging-lutely.
Remember that they'd been badgering the Imperium to expand the Solara
for years - they wouldn't be badgering Gregor if they didn't feel
fairly safe in doing so.

Jeff Shultz
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