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I haven't been around all that long,

***********By the way, this would be a good time to mention that I really 
appreciate your contributions to the group, Gwynne. You've brought up some 
great topics and I love your observations.

and I don't want to
drag everyone over old ground. But there must be some new ideas or questions
to discuss? Something Vorkosiganly?

**************Here's a topic I've been thinking of from time to time lately: 
Sergyar, past, present and future.

Past: I think I need to go back and reread because I'm confused about the 
sequence of events in _Shards_. We know that Cordelia's team believed they 
were alone on the planet until they were surprise-attacked -- so who was 
actually there first, were the Barrayarans there but just concealed somehow 
so that they were overlooked by the Betans' initial survey [and wouldn’t 
that be difficult?] or did they arrive afterwards? And how, at the close of 
the events, did Barrayar end up in undisputed possession of the planet? Is 
there a Nexus policy about who gets to settle newly discovered unpopulated 

Present (and recent past): What do you imagine Sergyar looking like? What 
are the major industries/activities of the population? And if there is still 
undeveloped land on the south continent of Barrayar, what would induce a 
Barrayaran to colonize a totally new planet instead of moving within their 
own planet?

Also: How do you suppose it feels/felt for Aral and Cordelia to see the 
transformation from untouched wilderness to a populated planet? I imagine it 
must be rather bittersweet.

Future: What is the Imperium's strategic vision or goal for what they want 
Sergyar to become in the long term? Here again I feel like I'm missing 
something -- if they don't need land, why is it so important to them?


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