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>>I'm not saying the Cetas don't practice slavery, because they do in an
>>elite, specialized way with the ba. But assuming the Barrayarans were
>>intended to be mass-enslaved is going a bit far. The Cetas controlled
>>Barrayar for twenty years, and so far as we know zero off-planet human
>>shipment occurred in that very long period of time. It's the sort of
>>thing that would have been mentioned.
>>> Komarr fared way ?better under Barrayar than anything they had planned 
>>> for
>> >their Barrayaran victims. Complete on-planet rights, their own local 
>> >government
>> >systems still in place, and the right to lobby and complain for more 
>> >federal
>> >funding without fear of reprisals.
>>Uhhh... this is excessively rosy in a lot of ways.
>>Can they vote ImpSec off the planet? Can they vote Barrayar off the
>>planet? Can they control their own natural resources?
>>Well, no.
>>Is advocating these things in a way oppositional to the regime viewed
>>as legitimate? Is it safe to do so?
>>Probably not, I'd bet.
>>Does this have huge free speech-restricting consequences: 
> -Tel
> How is it that in your pro-democracy "To the Barricades!" screeds, you 
> usually manage to get a good
> word, or at least a praise with faint damns, to the Cetagandans.
> I bow to no one in being a democrat, but as between a lunatic, murderous, 
> racist, class-bound,
> aggressively expanding Cetagandan empire modelled on Imperial Japan, and 
> the relatively benign, psuedo-
> feudalistic, relatively high social mobility Barryarans, I'd take Barrayar 
> every time.

Barrayar under Gregor, Barrayar with Aral as Regent, but what about Barrayar 
under  Mad Yuri??!!!.... or some of the aspects of Barrayar under Ezar. 
Barrayar under other local regimes, there's little information about.   I 
again point to the Caliphates, where the lot of the individual in the Empire 
was at  the whim of the rules and governance and attitude of the Caliph.... 

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