[LMB] Actor abuse and squishing

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 30 17:08:12 GMT 2011

Howard Brazee wrote
> The question is - what kind of build does Miles have?     How much
> dwarfism does he have?

And there lies the problem with casting a Little Person - Miles doesn't have
any form of dwarfism so most Little People wouldn't fit his body type at
all.  His head is a little large for his body because it's 'normal' sized
while his other bones haven't grown to their natural length, and he has a
slight hunchback, which has largely been corrected after his cryo-revival -
but otherwise he's in proportion - he's just very short.

So, I reckon any height of actor will do - as someone else mentioned, just
use the same tricks that PJ used - forced perspective, etc.  Miles is
sensitive about all this, so let's not make him look any more outside the
'norm' than he should be!

I think the stats for the height threshold for dwarfism must be specifically
for the North American population or something.  I'm right on the threshold
height by the stated criterion for dwarfism (4'10" if I stand up straight),
but where I come from (South Wales) there are lots of women my height - I
really don't stand out (or stand under) in a crowd.  And there's a large
Chinese population here in Calgary where I currently live, and lots of those
ladies are a similar height to me.  I reckon if you put those stats together
with a different ethnic population sample you'd get a very different
threshold.  Just musing.


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