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--- On Sun, 1/30/11, Marcia <mnfp73 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I don't think there's any textev for
> a Nexus organization (like UN = United Nexus) which would be
> able to make and enforce any policy.

True, but international law existed before there were organizations like the UN or League of Nations.

> --- On Sun, 1/30/11, Gretchen Wright <gretchen.wright at rcn.com>
> wrote:

> so who was actually there first, were the Barrayarans there but 
> just concealed somehow so that they were overlooked by the Betans'
> initial survey [and wouldn’t that be difficult?] or did they
> arrive afterwards? 

Cordelia was surprised at the existence of the Barrayaran facility that Aral brought her to.  I don't recall if there is textev to support it or not, but I think that from her surprise, it seems clear that the Barrayarans had to have been there before quite a while before the Betan survey arrived.

With regard to being overlooked by the initial survey, planets are big.  Detection technology advances at approximately the same rate as stealth & concealment technology.  It seems pretty likely that survey ship wouldn't have the detection technology required to overcome military concealment methods, especially if they aren't specifically looking for it, and the military is making a concerted effort to remain undetected.

> And how, at the close of the events, did
> Barrayar end up in undisputed possession of the planet? Is
> there a Nexus policy about who gets to settle newly
> discovered unpopulated planets?

There's settled international law regarding terra nullius (land belonging to no one).  It seems reasonable to expect that once there are 'countries' in outer space, the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 (in which signatory countries agreed that celestial bodies were the 'common heritage of mankind' and not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty) will fall by the wayside and the standard of acquiring sovereignty by occupation will apply to planets.




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