[LMB] On emerging from a new wormhole...

David Levine dwl at panix.com
Mon Jan 31 01:18:41 GMT 2011

On 1/30/2011 8:00 PM, Royce McDaniels wrote:
> ...what does the crew do?
> 1) listen for broadcasts, either human or (gasp) alien? They gotta be out
> there SOMEWHERE...
> 2) check for ship trails indicating another ship used the WH recently?
> 3) do an astronomy search to see *where* they are? not sure how this would
> work, perhaps most astronomically aware listees could comment.
> 4) then what? look for planets? look for more wormholes? party?
> nosey listees want to know...
> nosey royce
1)  One imagines a quick scan on the signals commonly used in known 
human space, followed by a longer scan looking for regular,
possibly purposeful signals.

2) Certainly, although that seems relatively unlikely

3) Start looking for some of the big bright variable x-ray stars and 
sources, get three of those and you know where you are. The more the 
merrier. I'd imagine there is a pretty well developed canonical list of 
bright, distinctive stars you would use. If wormholes are not terribly 
long in distance (This is my impression) and they tend to be "local" I'd 
expect you'd have a pretty good idea what to look for on the far side. I 
also suspect there is a pretty comprehenisve catalog of the details 
(Spectrum, size, etc) of local stars, and you'd go match those up as well.

4) I have to imagine there is some sort of spacer's ritual for the 
"first blind jump." Humans like excuses to party way too much. For the rest,
I'd imagine that depending on where you found yourself would dictate 
next steps. Assuming humans only get better at building telescopes, 
people in the nexus almost certainly know what's around all the nearby 
stars, even ones that don't have convenient wormhole access.

5) Keep a sharp eye out for the crazy Barryaran's and similar nutjobs 
who may have found the wormhole and be keeping it a secret.

- Rarely talkative Did

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