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> Hence the placement of the books in libraries can become very
> confusing for both librarians and users.
> I personally find it very irritating, the way some
> SF readers/critics are elitists in favour of SF against

Genre is commercial, genre is primarily a marketing tool and a binning 
device for readers.

> Fantasy, the same way as "serious literature" readers/critics
> are elitists in favour of "serious literature" as they

Different people, different metrics--some things are invisible to some 
people... they simply don't have a mindset that the material resonates 
positivey with

> define it, against both SF and Fantasy, as well as Mystery,
> Romance, Westerns and such. Mr. Suvin defended SF against
> such elitism, that much I know (I have but superficial knowledge
> about his work), but according to the above, he was also
> a kind of elitist. IMHO, there is no justification for not
> extending his argument (95% of published poetry is bad and
> yet no one refuses to analyze poetry) on other popular genres.

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