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> two small points:
> 1) My dad was a huge fan of Zane Gray's (sp?) Westerns, he had them all,
> many in hardback and some signed by ZG himself. I donated them to the SMU
> library when dad died. But I read them all as a wee walrus and was
> fascinated at the similarity of plots; later, when i became addicted to sf
> and then mystery via my first wife laura i noticed how plots differed
> between sf/mystery/western as well as the place elements.
> 2) i would suggest that things like comedy, horror, et all are added to
> polarize the first two genre elements. Frex, "How Much For Just The 
> Planet"
> is a french farce written as a genre star trek sf book.

Actually it was a screwball comedy musical.... the idiot editor toned it 
down.  Janet Kagan was originally in it thinly disguised as a pirate queen 
or some such (Mike Ford was showing songs from it off to people at a 
convention long long ago)

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