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Mon Jan 31 04:14:31 GMT 2011

--- On Fri, 1/28/11, Jean Lamb <tlambs1138 at charter.net> wrote:

> Here are my suggestions....

I'm loving this.
> 00 - The Fool -- Ivan. He saunters into where angels fear
> to tread. And saunters back out again.

So he does. A master saunterer, Ivan. And without deliberate direction or goal, which is so much the mark of The Fool.

> 01 - The Magician - Miles.

In character.

> 02 - The High Priestess - Lady Alys. She controls the
> horizontal, she controls the vertical of Barrayaran
> society--and don't dare tell her she has no votes.

So true!

> 03 - The Empress -- Cordelia or Laisa (depends on
> whether you're being literal or figurative, at least for the
> early years of Gregor's reign)
> Agreed.

We've yet to see Laisa in action as Empress, so I don't really think of her as that - I think of her more as the woman Gregor loves. Of course she makes a nice literal fit here.

> > 05 - The Hierophant -- Gregor (Elizabeth said Simon
> Illyan, but that leaves where to put Gregor if Aral is the
> Emperor)

Personally, I like Gregor where I put him, as Magician.  He's given the building blocks of a planet's population and he conjures up an Imperium.

> > 06 - The Lovers -- a perverse part of me wants this to
> be Mark and Kareen

They'd like that!

> or failing that, Miles and Ekaterin.  I suspect Elizabeth would 
> prefer Aral and Cordelia

I chose Kou and Drou.  Of course the Miles/Ekaterin pairing, and the Aral/Cordelia pairing work equally well, as could any other romantic pair in the stories. (Dono/Martya?  Heh.)  But I'd given Miles, Ekaterin, Aral and Cordelia other roles, and all four have roles in the storyline quite apart from their love stories.

> 07 - The Chariot  - The first shuttle off of Marilac.

> 08 - Strength -- Taura, and Jin.

Now I'm picturing Jin fighting Taura in the way the Rider-Waite-Smith card shows a woman fighting a lion.  Taura's fangs are suitable.  Though of course Jin's the one to tame animals, not fight them.

> 09 - The Hermit - Baz Jesek, fishing. "Dinner!"

Cute!  I like it!

> > 10 - Wheel of Fortune -- The Green Silk Room

Because so much was set in motion there. It's like... the axel around which the wheel turns.

> > 11 - Justice -- Simon Illyan

Shivers down my back.

> 12 - The Hanged Man -- Guppy.

Thinking about this... not coming up with much.

> 13 ? Death -- Bothari, with a sword.

Powerful image!  And yes, Bothari was something of a broker in death. Dealt in it, dealt with its consequences, died in a way that balanced several imbalances.

> 14 ? Temperance -- Piotr Vorkosigan. "Change, and change
> again."

Now I'm picturing Piotr Vorkosigan with angel wings. Jean, sometimes you are *evil*.

> 15 - The Devil -- Haroche. "You can give anything for your
> heart's desire, except your heart". "Two falls out of
> three".

Wow. Brilliant.
> 16 - The Tower -- A needle grenade, and a cryochamber
> (stylized sphinx on the chamber).

Good symbology.

> 17 - The Star -- Graf Station.

... I don't get this one.  Why?  Because it hangs in the sky?

> 18 - The Moon - Komarr. Metaphorically, it's a moon to
> Barrayar's sun.

Good point.

> 19 - The Sun - Ekaterin, because she is Miles' sun.

Lovely image.

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