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I'd note that when we talk about Barrayaran benignity, we're pretty much
talking about Aral and Gregor.  Suppose Vordarian had won his revolt?

-xx- Damien X-)

NEW from JRJ> My bet is that Vordarian would be unable to hold power, since
he did not retain Gregor and was not himself an extraordinary individual.
If Vordarian had captured Gregor and deprived him of Aral and Cordelia's
influence...  If Gregor had resembled Serg, or even if Aral's regency had
failed, Barrayar would have been the same tumbling chaos it would have been
if Vordarian won the revolt and then tried and failed to head a government.

And Gregor's legitimacy is what allowed benignity, secure from the necessity
of harsh measures on Barrayar and the branching revenge trees they would
have engendered.  
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