[LMB] More Casting Ideas

mtraber251 mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 31 08:55:06 GMT 2011

On 1/30/2011 4:18 AM, kerry weisselberg wrote:
> Mitch Miller wrote:
> I don't recall anyone mentioning one of the most important characters in our
> story --
> Bothari.  I can't think of who we'd get, now that Pete Postlethwaithe is
> gone.
> Me:
> Ah, finally, one I can think of instantly. Arnold Vosloo (from The Mummy),
> in unsmiling mode, fits the bill for me.
> http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3055980032/nm0903677

Jean Reno

Look at that beak of a nose, and he is quite tall as well, at 6'2" he is 
not the 6'6" that I envision Bothari at, but he is taller than many.

I think Vosloo is a bit too beefy, I always got the gangly rawhide 
impression of Bothari, sort of like Chuck Connors in his prime. 

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