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The thing is, when people's interests are unrepresented and they have the
freedom to speak up about it, you -hear- about it. And they put it on
license plates and such :)

The dead silence from Komarr on some of these major issues is evidence of
suppression. -Not- a good sign.

NEW from JRJ> Well, perhaps Watson would have seen all sorts of opinionated
signage had he gone to Komarr, but Her Ladyship hasn't had any plot reason
to write about it.  Her writing concerns do not coincide with each, all and
every concern of her fans.  She strives for balance and relevance to the
task at hand, not an overwhelming obsession with any single factor.

I do seem to remember that, in Komarr, various references to jokes and
internet minor snipes about Barrayar were mentioned (not repressed,
therefore), and it did seem to me that in the relations with the scientists
Lois was making the point that, although the vast majority of Komarrans were
sorry their oligarchs ever made that deal with the Cets, conditions were
tolerable enough to be getting on with.  The same gripes that would be
addressed by ordinary persons to "their" gummit were skewed a bit by being
able to blame the Barrayarans, but not really all that different.

If Watson had been a social scientist from Beta, say, and strolled the domes
and recorded data independent of direct questions, he would have found very
little of the simmering resentment that leads to riots in the streets.  Even
those plotters about the wormhole were absurdly prosaic, knowing they
wouldn't have true popular support and so taking matters into their own
hands instead of trying to address Kommaran citizens generally.  It's almost
as if Lois was making the point that only a tiny half-mad fringe group cared
enough to spend play time on conspiracy.  Nobody else did - couldn't be
bothered when real life was reasonably satisfactory.

And that applies to representation; it seems not very valid to proclaim
absolutely that nobody except the Barrayaran Imperium and Counts had any
meaningful representation.  There may be some, even a good deal (whether
called by that name or not), but no plot reason for more than the oblique
references that the rest of us picked up on, but anybody out to prove
villainy might be at pains to ignore.

Entwife Judy
Who doubts if the status quo is ever well enough to be let alone

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