[LMB] genres, and Miles

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Mon Jan 31 15:10:14 GMT 2011

I asked:

> > [1] Anyone here not love Miles? I have assumed that's
> the one thing we all agree on here, in this diverse
> international crowd of variant politics, philosophies, and
> experiences, but ... am I wrong?

> I adore the character, it's so brilliant to have an action
> hero who is so severely physically limited. 

I agree. The problem of his stature disappears in the force of his wonderful personality, which is just as it should be.

> I love the way he has to use skill and charm
> and brains and sheer chutzpah to solve problems. I like
> seeing all his insecurities, and the contrast with the way those around
> him perceive him. He's just such a marvellous mixture of ego 
> and insecurity.

And as such, a wonderful exemplar of the human condition.

> I'd like to spend time with him, watching how he operates.

Might be difficult to keep up the pace.

> I'd probably also, at some stage, want to strangle him, but that's 
> how just about everyone who
> meets him feels at some stage.

Well, yes.  And the ones who aren't villains usually end up loving him, or at least appreciating and respecting him.  I'd love to hear Gregor's private thoughts about Miles.  We get some of Illyan's.

> I'd also like to spend a lot of time with Cordelia, Aral
> and Gregor. They're fascinating characters, it'd be great to have 
> time to ask all the things I'd love to know.

They'd be interesting to talk to, or to work with.

> I'd like to go to a party with By.

He'd be most entertaining. I suspect he'd be great to get to know, too - the Byerly who lives under the facade.  But I'm not sure that's possible for anyone.  He's even more armoured against intellectual intimacy than Ivan is.
> I'd like some time with Ivan too. Privately. I'm not
> sharing details on that one.

Ah. Aral is the one I'd want that kind of private time with. 

> But, above all, Miles. He's just so amazing to watch. 

Fascinating little git! with such powers of persuasion, such drive and imagination.


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