[LMB] Where is everybody?

mtraber251 mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 31 16:48:22 GMT 2011

On 1/31/2011 3:44 AM, A. Marina Fournier wrote:
> What a relief!  Happy for you.
> Marina
> On Jan 31, 2011, at 12:39 AM, mtraber251 wrote:
>> Junior Husband [Chris] got lucky, the company he works for has been doing a lot of computer infrastructure projects in the Middle East lately and I got a bit worried because emails from hm dried up recently, but I just got email from him and they were lucky that he hadn't started the project they had on the schedule for Egypt so he was not actually over there when the fecal matter hit the rotational cooling device. They are also walking softly with respect to other middle eastern projects they are involved with.
Thanks - though the vacation plans have totally gotten screwed up, so we 
are trying to rearrange something for later this year, perhaps 
August/September. Not sure, because tropical laziness is sort of out, I 
hate roasting.  Maybe a bit later, October in Florida isn't too toasty 
and we could do Universal for the new Potterverse section, and Key West.

I have been keeping CNN on as background noise. I am seriously flashing 
on the various civil wars in the vorkosiverse. I agree with Heinlein 
that adventures are best read about rather than lived - I really would 
not want to be [most] American tourists stuck there right now.

Although Rob did point out that knowing me, I would probably just pop on 
appropriate clothing, veiling and pop out the kitchen entrance, and head 
out of town, probably south and then to the Red Sea. I have an odd knack 
for blending in to local populations. I just think of it as being very 
good with applied kinesthetics and a certain liking for blending in. I 
already have salwar kameez sets I wear, all I would be needing is the 
outer clothing, which I would have bought when we first arrived. [Local 
clothing tends to be worn specifically because of local climate. I have 
noted that the proper levantine clothing is quite comfortable in very 
hot dry weather.]

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