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Mon Jan 31 16:54:11 GMT 2011

On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 4:51 AM, Judy R. Johnson <jrj at fidalgo.net> wrote:

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> NEW from JRJ> Well, perhaps Watson would have seen all sorts of opinionated
> signage had he gone to Komarr, but Her Ladyship hasn't had any plot reason
> to write about it.  Her writing concerns do not coincide with each, all and
> every concern of her fans.  She strives for balance and relevance to the
> task at hand, not an overwhelming obsession with any single factor.

The Rabbit (what was his name? - ah, Ser Venier) was confident enough
in his rights and safety to make underhanded remarks to the Imperial
Auditor and son of the Butcher about the Solstice Massacre Memorial -
and openly express amazement that the son of the Butcher had any
Komarran friends....

Not someone worried about the suppression of speech, methinks.

Jeff Shultz
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