[LMB] ACCC -- issues arising

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 10 10:33:02 BST 2011

Neither I nor anyone I know was taken advantage of by "Royce McD" and I feel the same way.  It's one thing to have a consistent but pseudonymed persona, it's another to cheat people.  My vote is for using quotes and footnoting the allegations.

- Harimad

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> I raised the question about Royce being included on the
> list.
> John knows that I am happy for the list to decide.
> Like most other people I don't care if people use their
> real name or not, I do however care if people use the
> friendships they make on the list to take advantage of
> people financially and that is what he did. 
> Yes I accept that I am biaised. It was my friend and I
> introduced her to him and she is hundreds of dollars out of
> pocket.
> I would hate him to find a way to gain a pecuniary
> advantage some time in the future by being included in this.
> I do not look on him as an amusing rogue I do look on him
> as a conman. 
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