[LMB] OT: (US) Fathers' Day

Thomas C Vinson t.vinson at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 11 02:28:52 BST 2011

Helen Dewitt, _The Last Samurai_

The young boy Ludo feels inferior because he didn't learn classical
Greek until the age of four (Macaulay learned it at 3).  He proceeds
to learn about a dozen more languages, along with other self-taught
academic subjects.

His mother won't reveal who his father is until Ludo proves he
can understand.  So he sets off on his own to find out.  He winds up
with an assortment of 8-10 fathers, one of which is actually his
own birth parent.*

"The Seven Samurai" runs along in the background of the most of the book,
and provides the occasional chapter heading.

I enjoyed this, and will probably buy it if/when it comes out in paperback.
It's definitely post-something-or-other, and frankly a bit whacked
out in places.  YMMV.


[*] and whom he does NOT kill

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