[LMB] Why Four Girls?

Gerlinde Kettl gerlinde at kettl.de
Sat Jun 11 22:41:20 BST 2011


On Saturday 11 June 2011, M Hämäläinen wrote:

> While I think it's pretty dubious to count on the girls *automatically*
> turning out so pretty that the only thing they need to do in their lives is
> marry well. Nobody expects them to become, for example, scientists or
> teachers or anything else than wives.

I'd really like to know what the girls were doing during the time of ACC. 
Kareen is the youngest and and studying but what about the older ones? What 
does for example Delia do for a living? Is she in college or does she have a 
job? They all seem to be just hanging around which strikes me as odd.



Mostly Harmless.

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