[LMB] Memory

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 21 09:11:30 BST 2011

> From: gustavo.follana at free.fr
> Miles was a trainwreck on the way. He started his life as a secret agent by mistake, rode the wave, crashed, burned and then rose like the phoenix...
> And this is for the me the best moment, when he goes "with intent" to see Gregor. He does not need to hide anymore. He is Miles Workosigan for the first time. Proud of his medals, of his work, of himself, even after the lie.

I so agree, that moment when Miles puts on all his medals - the Naismith ones
and the Vorkosigan ones - is marvellous. He's in his house uniform, not military,
 he's finally seeing the value of that identity. And I love it when Gregor looks up
to see the furious, bemedalled little Vor lord in all his glory.

> I loved the Vorkosigan before Memory, I find it even better afterwards.
> And you have to love his explanation on ACC about being forsworn and how to reset your honor. It is simply beautiful. The show must go on.

That's a wonderful scene, it shows such maturity from Miles. At last. In fact, 
he has far more honour after his huge fall than before it.


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