[LMB] So, where did Ezar go wrong with Serg?

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I thought so, but I don't have the canon in front of me. My theory is that at first Serg was very much Ges's victim, before he was his partner in crime.  Possibly not the first abuser young Serg encountered, but I certainly blame him for the form Serg's madness finally took. In my head, Ges began abusing Serg (physically and sexually) when Serg was 13 or 14, and Ges was in his twenties.  Ezar, a distant father who was much more interested in the crown prince as a political entity then in Serg as a person, didn't notice until it was too late, or blamed Serg for not being able to fight Ges off, or both.  

The image of Serg's mother whispering poison into his ears is horribly plausible, especially if her marriage to Ezar was not actually consensual.  

But some blame does fall on Serg's genes- I rather think he would have been notably eccentric even if he had Aral and Cordelia as parents. 

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> On 22 June 2011 01:21, Whit Johnstone <whitinohio at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Wasn't Ges a few years older then Serg?
> Approximately the same age as Aral, I think, so at least a decade older,
> maybe more, depending on when the war ended, and when Serg was born. And a
> fairly close cousin, depending on whether Yuri and the Empress's mother was
> Pierre Le Sanguinaire's daughter or sister.
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