[LMB] OT: Sherlock: FOT: Tribute/homage work

Doctor Nightfall musko_no_kaji at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 22 19:43:51 BST 2011

>  >>      Anyone else catch the new BBC-TV production, _Sherlock_? ...
>  >
> At the risk of solidifying my status as curmudgeon, the second episode
> could have been written by Sax Rohmer.
> LMB:  Heh.  Yes -- you've put your finger right on that vibe in a way 
> that eluded me.
> Although there are connections of that type enough in the original 
> Arthur Conan Doyle, er, cultural visions, that I suppose the makers 
> could plead homage.

It may be of interest that there is, floating about out there, a book called "Ten Years Beyond Baker Street".

It is written by Cay Van Ash, and amounts to Sherlock Holmes investigating activities of the Si Fan in Britain after Smith is abducted, and is sought out by Dr. Petrie. It has a LOT of refereences to both the Fu Manchu canon as well as the Holmes canon, and is very entertaining to the knowledgable. :)


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