[LMB] So, where did Ezar go wrong with Serg?

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> NEW from JRJ> How did Serg lose his mother?  Don't remember.  Any chance it
> was the same situation for Ezar as for Piotr, that they were away fighting
> and the womenfolk were killed by Yuri's death squads but somehow missed
> getting Serg?  I'm probably off on my timing, but what if he was a newborn
> preemie still in the hospital at the time?

What I recall is that Serg's mother either died or went mad right
around the time he was born, which was a few months, maybe a year,
before Yuri's war.  Yuri and his sister (Serg's mother) were close and
Serg was the closest thing to an "untainted" heir Yuri had, since he
apparently had no children of his own, so I doubt Yuri would have had
his sister killed.  (Note: untainted means here not Xav or one of his
descendants, because they had a different mother, and if I remember
right, Xav's mother was not married to Dorca when Xav was born.)

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