[LMB] What does Gregor know about Serg's death?

Karen Hunt huntkc at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 11:23:56 BST 2011

On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 12:01 AM, Thad Coons <tocoons at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'd like to think there may be some astute historian in the rising
> generation in,
> say another thirty or forty years, who manages to piece enough of
> it together
> to get Cordelia to set the record straight, but otherwise she has little
> incentive
> to gratuitously open that can of worms.
> --

I've even got the historian picked out -- Duv Galeni.  If anyone has
enough accesses into Imp Sec's past and enough knowledge of the
Vorkosigans (and maybe also Illyan), it's him.

I half-picture these books as having been written by "him" after he
got Cordelia (and Miles for his parts of the tale) to 'fess up.
Though this might just be my "person who's read Heinlein and looks for
the narrator" coming through.

Karen Hunt

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