[LMB] OT: Imperial Tropes and fair criticism

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>> A pair of authors(Bunch & Cole) who wrote an "eternal emperor" SF series
>> wrote it deliberately to blow up a certain SF trope....
>Ah, Yes, the Sten series!  Probably my second favorite science fiction
>series after the Vorkosiverse.  Eight books with an "everyman" type hero,
>full of humor and intrigue.  Also some might fine recipes are hinted at
>throughout the books.  I loved the description of the "ultimate steak
>sandwich" and how the eating of it was called "cholesterolicide".  All eight
>books sit next to my Bujold's (I keep my books alphabetical by author, and
>by how often I reread them, with the latter quality more important than the

I didn't keep the Sten series; I recycled it.  A lot of the early books were very enjoyable (unless you absolutely HATE shaggy dog stories told in a Scots accent)--Breaking out of prison, then deciding that they shouldn't have, and proceeding to breaking back in, learning to fly a helicopter; stuff like that.  I wasn't enthralled by the eventual denouement, however.

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