[LMB] What does Gregor know about Serg's death?

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I'm sure he got the truth about both.  Because Gregor would have asked about
Serg and Cordelia would have told what she saw and later deduced, and that
would have lead to Ezar.

Ironic that Miles, who thinks he has such an inside track, isn't even aware
that there's something critical that he doesn't know.  Intelligence work is
like that.  I wonder if Miles will ever find out?

NEW from JRJ> Are we absolutely certain Miles doesn't know?  Because, beyond
intelligence there is strategic and tactical reconstruction.  Tung might be
able to put the historical clues together to see that Aral had everything
prepared for optimal retreat at Escobar, and Ezar had everything prepared
for optimal political suppression at home.  And Miles is supposed to be a
military genius himself.  Would love to hear him hinting at Aral for
details; betcha he'd get them, if he figured it out far enough to ask.  

It's not impossible that Gregor would have treated his father's final
campaign as a research project, either, thinking that his death in battle
made him not so bad as various hints suggested, and in the process stumbled
over the fact that it was pre-arranged.  Who has a higher security clearance
than the Emperor himself?  Aral would have turned it ALL over to Gregor when
the Regency ended, all the passwords and unrestrained access to Simon's
memory, although he might not have mentioned how to get at a few details and
hoped they would never be reviewed by Gregor.  

So when Miles suggested that Gregor ask Cordelia, it seemed to me to be
nicely ambiguous whether it was only Serg's misdeeds or the Green Silk Room
plot as well that he figured would be told.  I keep thinking about Gregor's
exact words:  "I lost both my parents to political intrigue."  Not "battle"
even though you could stretch Kareen's death to that, or more likely "war."

And you could read it that Miles thought Gregor should get the correct
version of whatever was presently hidden, even if Miles did not have it all
himself.  I find it a bit touching that he was able to report to Gregor that
his parents had never uttered a word of criticism of Serg in front of their
son.  Mark said it, much later:  "Integrity."

Entwife Judy
The Skiffy Minded

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