[LMB] (lotsa textev) What does Gregor know about Serg's death?

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"Judy R. Johnson" <jrj at fidalgo.net> said:
::snipped much quoted text::
> Judy (in conclusion):  I don't understand.  Aral explained about the 
> plasma mirrors when he was assuming command of the retreat from 
> Escobaran space.
> So why was Aral acting as if they were still a secret, and Miles 
> accepting it as truth?  Did Homer nod?
> --

Beatrice Otter
(I think Aral is saying it was a "lucky shot" in that it was one of the
first ships destroyed, before the fleet realized about the plasma mirrors,
so that Serg was dead before the retreat started.  Which is actually sort of
true, in that it's lucky that it was one of the early ships destroyed, which
meant that Aral could start the pull out earlier than planned, so that fewer
people got killed.  But it's not lucky in the sense that he's

NEW from JRJ>  Oh, good.  That maybe does explain it.  But the actual plasma
shot was fired by the Barrayaran flagship.  It just bounced off the plasma
mirror of the Escobaran ship.

Thank you very much.

Entwife Judy
The Skiffy Minded

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