[LMB] EOA as subversive

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Miles's offspring aren't Miles--they weren't soltoxin-attacked in utero and 
aren't physically deformed.  Miles isn't Aral, and Ekaterin isn't Cordelia, 
and the Mile-Ekaterin relationship is not the relationship which existed 
between Aral and Cordelia.  Ekaterin is a True Vor Vor wife, Cordelia was a 
retired Betan Survey captain.  Aral was also a retired military senior 
officer, Miles is a medically retired Barrayaran military veteran who 
forcibly was retired/cashiered from a relatively low rank of officer. 
Miles, however, then got promoted to a position of Imperial Auditor, 
exercising extraordinary powers as a highly trusted  direct representative 
speaking as a voice for the Emperor and responsible ONLY to the Emperor for 
his actions.   Also, Aral and Cordelia aren't Piotr, and aren't plotting 
homicide upon any of Miles' offspring...

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"My Lord Auditor, you are Requested and Required for a two hour lunch with
your children every day this next week, um, make that a month.  The
Empresses Laisa, in Her own Voice and Breath."

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> > I wonder if Miles has told Ekaterin about Aral's lunch hours at
> > home, and if she resents Miles' time spent gallivanting around
> > the Nexus rather than paying attention to his offspring.  Electronic
> > communication is wonderful, but some things are best done face-to-face.
> >
> I imagine that he's not gallivanting all that much, and if it does get to
> be
> too much,
> Ekaterin probably has one of those little code cards to Gregor's direct
> line.
> Or Laisa's.
> Just the suggestion of his offspring needing his presence for their
> continued mental health would do the trick. 

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